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Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GW175JK
Savoie Wine 24cl Lce 175ml cm /cl :24 Carton Quantity :48 Material :NON-TOUGHENED..
Ex Tax:£43.55
Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GW250JK
Savoie Wine / Goblet Grand Vin 35cl Lce 250ml " /oz :12.3 cm /cl :35 Carton Quantity :48 Material :NON-TOUGHENED..
Ex Tax:£70.35
Brand: Arcoroc Model: 27810
Product Code: 27810Savoie wine glasses are a range of professional catering glasses designed for busy bars and restaurants. In a variety of different sizes and capacities, this cost-effective catering glassware range features a thick sturdy stem, robust design and low space saving profile. There’s a..
Ex Tax:£54.85
Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GHB6JK
Elegance Hi-Ball Tumbler 17cl " /oz :6 cm /cl :17 Material :NON-TOUGHENED Carton Quantity :48..
Ex Tax:£25.90
Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GHB8JK
Elegance Hi-Ball Tumbler 22.5cl " /oz :7.9 cm /cl :22.5 Material :NON-TOUGHENED Carton Quantity :48..
Ex Tax:£25.50
Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GHB10JK
" /oz :9.9 cm /cl :28 Material :NON-TOUGHENED Carton Quantity :48..
Ex Tax:£31.99
Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GHB12JK
Elegance Hi-Ball Tumbler 34cl " /oz :12 cm /cl :34 Material :NON-TOUGHENED Carton Quantity :48..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Arcoroc Model: BC-GTO20JK
Size: 20ozBrand: ArcorocMaterial: Toughened/TemperedThis 20oz Tulip Beer Glass is perfect for pubs and bars serving beer and cider. CE marked 1 Pt. Supplier code 07006.The Tulip beer glass is designed for intense usage and comes with a range of features such as stamping, lining and nucleation – ensu..
Ex Tax:£35.70
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