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Holts Professional Brake Cleaner 600ml
-24 %
Brand: 3M Model: T-BC600
Features: Application: Engine Cleaner..
£3.59 £4.74
Ex Tax:£2.99
Brand: Selden Model: C-VF1005SE
High foaming formula for extended contact times. Concentrated traffic film remover for use through hot or cold pressure wash equipment. May be diluted for greater economy. Suitable for use in hard or soft water conditions. application Suitable for use through pressure washing machine either hot ..
Ex Tax:£30.45
Brand: Selden Model: C-VA0455SE
Restores lustre and colour to old and faded bodywork. Removes oxidised and weathered surfaces plus petrol and derv stains from paintwork. Polishes to a deep shine and is effective on all colours. Formulated for all motor vehicle finishes including: acrylics, synthetics and cellulose. Contains silico..
Ex Tax:£19.70
Brand: Selden Model: C-VH0305SE
Ideal for cleaning brake dust and badly stained wheels.Contains special inhibitors to minimise acid attack on base metals. Dilute up to 4:1 for heavy rust. Apply by brush and rinse thoroughly. For descaling pressure washer boilers, flush through the system at 2:1 dilution. Rinse thoroughly with wate..
Ex Tax:£6.90
Brand: Selden Model: C-VC0245SE
Detergent specially formulated for washing vehicles by hand or automatic car washes. Highly Effective: Quickly removes soil and traffic film. Free rinsing leaving a streak free shining finish. Contains no additives or materials likely to set up corrosion. Click here to download MSDS SHEET..
Ex Tax:£6.80
Brand: Selden Model: C-VC0255SE
Heavy duty formula for ingrained dirt low foam, ideal for extraction machine use.Reodourises as it cleans.Also suitable foruse as a pre-spotter.applicationHigh Performance product for professional use. Formulated for use in carpet extraction machines, suitable for use as a prespotterwhen used neat b..
Ex Tax:£10.80
Brand: Selden Model: C-VC0625SE
Advanced formula - cuts through dirt and grime. Silicone free - safe to use near body shop . Environmentally friendly - biodegradable and phosphate free. Free from abrasives - will not damage delicate surfaces.Used in Automotive, transport, display, glazing, office and graphic establishments. Produc..
Ex Tax:£9.75
Brand: Selden Model: C-VK139480SE
A high performance fast action multi-purpose foam cleaner suitable for a wide range of application. e.g. Fabric seats, carpets, head rests, headlinings, door fascia, plastics, plus a wide range of household and office items. Light fragrance freshens as it cleans.Shake container before use. Spray lig..
Ex Tax:£3.40
Brand: Selden Model: C-VC0755SE
Modern advanced car shampoo formulation.Deposits cationic film to protect paint and repel water.Promotes fast streak free drying.Affords just polished water beading properties to forecourt cars.Dries faster than a regular car shampoo enabling car to be quickly polished.Click here to..
Ex Tax:£9.65
Brand: Colbrook Model: C-VFSWASHC5BO
Removes dirt, grime and insect deposits Help prevent screenwash freezing Concentrated Suitable for any car Our Concentrate Screenwash quickly removes dirt, grime and insect deposits from windcreeens, leaving a bright streak-free finish. Simply pour the fluid directly into was..
Ex Tax:£5.75
Brand: Selden Model: C-VF1025SE
Solvent-based formula gives touch-dry finish in minutes Water repellent finish even under extreme conditions High gloss and pleasent perfume makes it ideal for all vinyl and PVC trim Restores tyres to 'as new' apperance. Click here to download MSDS SHEET..
Ex Tax:£22.10
Brand: Selden Model: C-VF0845SE
Removes tar and glue from all hard, solvent-resistant surfaces Safe to use on metals Ideal for the removal of most sealants, adhesives and stubborn areas of new car delivery wax. Silicone free and suitable for use in bodyshops. Use to remove tar, glue and bitumen from wheel trims, chrome, engine bay..
Ex Tax:£19.10
Brand: Car Plan Model: C-VDI300WT
CarPlan De Icers powerful formula melts ice quickly and effectively from car windows even at low temperatures leaves a clear finish for increased visibility.Perfect to keep in your car No more need for ice scrapers ..
Ex Tax:£1.45
Brand: Car Plan Model: C-VDI500WT
CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer is a quality de-icer designed to melt ice fast on vehicle windscreens leaving a clear ice and streak-free finish.The de-icer operates down to -15 degres...
Ex Tax:£2.30
Brand: Selden Model: C-VK182500SE
Dashboard and Vinyl trim renovator restores that 'New Look' appearance to all interior trim. Also acting as a dust repellant and anti-stat leaves a fresh lemon fragrance and is suitable for use on plastic and vinyl surface. Click here to download MSDS SHEET..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Brand: Selden Model: C-VK184500SE
Air conditioning vinyl renovator Renovates - gives a high gloss instant shine. Reodorises - unique air conditioning properties absorb stale odours. For renovating car dashboards, vinyl and plastic trim. New Trim Tangerine will give an instant gloss finish enhancement. Can also be used on wood and m..
Ex Tax:£4.50
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