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Floor Care

We stock a variety of floor care cleaning products including polishes, floor maintainers, disinfectants and more. We also supply the floor buffing pads and other janitorial cleaning products such as brushes and mops.

For any advice on the correct chemical products to use for cleaning and maintaining floors please get in touch. 

Brand: Selden Model: C-FC1705SE
Enzymatic action, natural and effective odour eliminator. Breaks down organic soiling and stains. Powerful citrus scent, immediate relief from foul smells. Ideal for washrooms and use on carpets. Safe for use on all types of absorbent surfaces. application Suitable for use on a wide ra..
Ex Tax:£25.98
Model: BC-BFSK
Features & Benefits:Small and compact clip top bag, easy to carryEffective solution for cleaning up body fluid kitsContains wide range of accessories for easy clean-up processUser manual includedSingle use onlyKit Contents:4 x Pads2 x Hygiene Plus Powder2 x Sanitising Solution 250ml2 x Hygiene P..
Ex Tax:£16.96
Brand: Selden Model: C-FT133750SE
quick, effective, woolsafe application For removal of chewing gum from all types of carpet. Performance is best on dried gum. Ideal for pubs, clubs and all carpeted public areas. ..
Ex Tax:£5.47
Brand: Selden Model: C-FA0145SE
Easy to use - no burnishing required. Maximum scuff resistance. Low maintenance requirement. Dries to a wet look gloss. Protects and prolongs the life of flooring materials. Product Uses For all linoleum, P.V.C., rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors. N.B. N..
Ex Tax:£39.22
Brand: Selden Model: C-FB0125SE
Highly efficient cleaner. Easily burnished to a high gloss. Prolongs the life of floor finishes. Pleasant and fragrant in use. application A polish maintainer for linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors. directions General use: Dilute Fa..
Ex Tax:£10.15
Brand: Selden Model: C-FC1565SE
Suitable for use for pre-spraying and spot cleaning of heavily soiled areas. Rapid dirt removal. Compatible with all makes of hot/cold water extraction machines. Low foam for ease of pick up. Pleasantly perfumed. Fast acting for high soiling in heavy traffic areas. Developed to rapidly cut through g..
Ex Tax:£11.27
Brand: Selden Model: C-FB0065SE
Made from natural citrus oils and vegetable oil derived emulsifiers to be environmentally friendly. Ideal damp mopping solutions for all surfaces. Economical maintenance for polished floors - will not remove or dull polish film at recommended dilution Readily burnished to a slip resistant shine. ..
Ex Tax:£9.56
Brand: Selden Model: C-FF0105SE
All purpose cleaning concentrate, ideal for removing soil, grease and heel marks from all synthetic floors. Also excels on all non-porous surfaces. Controlled foam helps prevent over use Application For cleaning floors in offices, schools, hospitals, canteens etc. Suitable for use on linoleum, P..
Ex Tax:£6.71
Brand: Selden Model: C-FE0765SE
Developed as an additive with complete compatibility with Selden extraction shampoos. Powerful bactericidal action - ideal for all care and institutional applications. High level of perfume to re-odorise furnishings after the removal of urine, faeces and vomit. Prevents bacteria build up in the carp..
Ex Tax:£13.68
Brand: Selden Model: C-FB0035SE
Ideal damp mopping solution for all surfaces. Economical maintenance for polished floors - will not remove or dull polish at recommended dilution. Perfect for spray cleaning. Removes dirt and heel marks with ease. Application For regular cleaning and maintenance of linoleum, P.V.C., rubber, sealed c..
Ex Tax:£7.85
Brand: Selden Model: C-FA0115SE
A metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability. Non-yellowing cross linked polymer film. Does not discolour even the lightest floor. Produces a deep shine with excellent slip resistance. Responds brilliantly to all spray burnishing techniques. Product U..
Ex Tax:£29.04
Brand: Selden Model: C-FC0055SE
Active foam suspends dirt, then dries to a non sticky powder which is readily vacuumed away. Foam cleaning prevents soaking of carpets, ensures quick drying. Safe on all fast dye carpets. Does not leave sticky deposits. Cleans, brightens and helps prevent re-soiling of carpets. applicati..
Ex Tax:£12.08
Brand: Selden Model: C-FC0345SE
Rapid dirt removal. Suitable for all makes of hot/cold water extraction machines. Low foam for ease of pick up. Pleasantly perfumed. No unpleasant after odour. Suitable for use on wool carpets. Application Selfoam HE is a specially formulated cleaner suitable for woven and non-woven carpets of..
Ex Tax:£9.81
Brand: Selden Model: C-FF1165SE
Rinse Free Polish Stripper Latest advanced technology to unlock metalised polish. Advanced soil suspending formula helps recovery. Low foam for speed use and ultimate wet pickup. Selspeed is a modern alternative to traditional caustic based polish strippers. Use Selspeed in well ventilated are..
Ex Tax:£16.26
Brand: Selden Model: C-FF0015SE
Unlocks metallised emulsion polish, making removal easy. Effective, heavy duty detergent - ideal for all hard surface scrub cleaning jobs. Penetrating action rapidly loosens dirt and heavy build-ups. Recommended for use with all scrubbing machines. application Use Selstrip to strip emuls..
Ex Tax:£9.65
Brand: Selden Model: C-FT012750SE
Woolsafe approved formulation Removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. Suitable for use on all coloursafe washable fabrics including wool. Can be used as a single solution or as a pre-spray prior to extraction cleaning. Dry spots should be agitated before application, taking..
Ex Tax:£5.34
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