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Brand: Poppies Model: P-BN242JK
Black Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2-ply Case of 2400..
Ex Tax:£31.50
Brand: Poppies Model: P-BN332PE
Black Cocktail Napkins 33cm 2-ply Case of 2000..
Ex Tax:£36.30
Brand: Poppies Model: 1024028BK
Black Cocktail Napkins 40cm 2ply Case of 2000..
Ex Tax:£49.65
Brand: Poppies Model: P-WN242JK
White Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2-ply Case of 2400 Packed in 40 packs of 100 napkins Made from a soft 2 ply tissue Size is 24cm x 24cm square 30 cases per pallet (call for pallet price)..
Ex Tax:£31.50
Brand: Poppies Model: P-WN402FB
White Dinner Napkins 40cm 2-ply (2000) Soft white napkins 40cm x 40cm square folded 4 times Packed in 20 packs of 100 napkins 2 Ply thickness..
Ex Tax:£30.00
Airlaid  Bulky Soft Napkins 1/4 Fold, 40 cm x 40 cm, Off White (Pack of 500)
-36 %
Brand: Poppies Model: 32116
Tear-resistant.Fabric-like.Without embossing.Brand Name Bulky SoftColour whiteEan , 8018426321168Global Trade Identification Number 08018426001879Model Number BS-32116..
£28.20 £43.86
Ex Tax:£23.50
Brand: Colbrook Model: NAPP
Bespoke Printed Napkins Your company name or logo printed onto napkins are the best way of building and promoting your brand for low cost We supply printed napkins for many top brands and can print one or two colour prints on a range of coloured or white napkins. Personalise any dining expe..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Brand: Poppies Model: 1034038BM
Buttermilk Napkins 40cm 3Ply 8/Fold (1000)..
Ex Tax:£34.65
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