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Duct Tape Flourescent Yellow 48mm x 50 Metres

Duct Tape Flourescent Yellow 48mm x 50 Metres
Duct Tape Flourescent Yellow 48mm x 50 Metres

Contractor Medium Grade, PE laminated synthetic cloth duct tape, coated with a synthetic rubber – resin solvent free adhesive, able to adhere perfectly to different surfaces, especially rough as civil walls, concrete and stone. Characterized by an excellent holding power, abrasion and traction resistance, it is suitable for high demand contractor applications like protection in wall plastering, heavy material holding and repairing in construction sites, wrapping and sealing. For clean removal, long-term UV exposure not recommended.


• Easy tear

•Excellent holding power on PE

• Low temperature resistance

• Excellent conformability

• Suitable for rough surfaces

• Perfectly waterproof

Main Applications

• General repair in construction sites

• Masking in Wall plastering

• Jointing and sealing asbestos abatement and agriculture

• Pipe wrapping and duct seaming

• Double glazing unit sealing

  • Technical Data
  • Total weight 180 g/m2
  • ISO 536
  • Total thickness 210 µm 8.3 mils AFERA 5006/PSTC 133

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