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Disposable Masks

Our Biztex brand ensures exceptional quality and performance across our full range of disposable masks. The extensive Biztex range offers a high level of protection and quality safeguarding the wearer against many workplace risks including liquid chemicals, static electricity, dry particles and radioactive contamination. The complete Biztex range includes disposable masks and limited-life garments.

Brand: Portwest Model: P430
Geneva Half Mask.Premium quality Half Mask offering the same outstanding features as P420 but manufactured from high quality silicone for exceptional fit and comfort.As with P420 the support harness is attached to the rigid body of the mask.Therefore it does not mark the users face and ensures a mor..
Ex Tax:£12.16
Brand: Portwest Model: P420
Vancouver Half Mask.Well balanced Half Mask manufactured from durable and flexible thermoplastic rubber.Dual bayonet filter connection provides better weight balance and wider field of vision.Ergonomically designed head harness reduces pressure and provides maximum wearer comfort.ABS filter holders ..
Ex Tax:£11.44
Brand: Portwest Model: P500
Vienna Full Face Mask. Full Face Mask with dual bayonet filter connection and ABS filter holders. Polycarbonate visor offering panoramic vision with anti scratch anti acid and anti fog treatment. Adjustable ergonomic harness with 6 fast release buckles attached to the rigid body of the mask which gu..
Ex Tax:£68.08
Brand: Silverline Model: W-DMFFP3VST
FFP3 NR face mask. Up to 50 times protection against fine non-toxic dusts, fibres and aqueous mists. Valved for comfort during prolonged use. Single use. Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009...
Ex Tax:£25.20
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