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Brand: Gojo Model: C-HGOJOHMAC
GOJO HAND MEDIC Professional Skin Conditioner. Specifically formulated for professional technicians for use in their work environments. Quickly absorbs, with no greasy after-feel. Use before work, after handwashing and at night to help maintain the skins natural protective barrier. ..
Ex Tax:£34.90
Brand: Gojo Model: C-HCGOJOFSAC
GOJO Luxury Foam Handwash Rich, gentle luxury foam handwash, pre-lathered for a convenient and pleasing experience. For general, light-duty cleaning. Translucent pink color and cranberry fragrance. Dispenser Code GJ5157-06..
Ex Tax:£32.10
Brand: Gojo Model: C-HGOJOOAC
GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner. Quick-acting lotion formula with pumice scrubbing particles for cleaning a broad range of industrial soils, medium dirts and grease. Orange citrus scent...
Ex Tax:£60.70
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