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Hand Protection

Brand: Supertouch Model: W-GDN
When strength and dexterity are of the utmost importance, our allergy-free Powderfree Nitrile Gloves are the ideal choice. From food handling to engineering, these versatile gloves are sure to suit the task at hand.Powder freeLatex freeMicro texturedPackaging: 100 pieces per dispenser - 10 disp..
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Canadian High Quality B-Flex Rigger Gloves
-38 %
Brand: Click 2000 Model: W-GHDRRMM
• Grey split leather.• Heavyweight cotton backing and safety cuff.• Vein patch. • Good fitting large size with fleecy lined palm and thumb-face for added comfort. • EN388: 2003• Level 4 - Abrasion• Level 1 - Cut Resistance• Level 4 - Tear Resistance• Level 4 - Puncture..
£1.80 £2.88
Ex Tax:£1.50
Click Red PVC Knitted Wrist Gloves
-44 %
Brand: Click Premium Model: W-GPVCKWRMM
• Fully coated pvc glove.• Stockinette liner.• Elasticated cuff.• EN388: 2003 • Level 3 - Abrasion• Level 1 - Cut Resistance• Level 1 - Tear Resistance• Level 1 - Puncture..
£0.84 £1.50
Ex Tax:£0.70
Brand: Supertouch Model: W-GWYCC10MM
Our mixed fibre Criss Cross Gloves are a popular choice for both warehousing and rigging. This tough glove also features a PVC criss cross pattern to ensure that you have fantastic grip no matter what the task at hand.CAT 1 Minimal RiskMixed fibrePVC criss cross patternEnhanced gripKnitted cuffAppli..
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Defector PD Cut Resistant Gloves
-44 %
Brand: Supertouch Model: W-GACMM
Our Deflector PD (Formerly Deflector 5X) gloves provide fantastic Cut 5 protection making them the perfect choice for a huge range of handling tasks. These light, flexible gloves offer exceptional comfort whilst protecting you from a host of hazards.Polyurethane palm coatLight and flexible..
£3.54 £6.36
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Brand: Warrior Model: W-GDDPMM
From garage forecourts to food handling, our lightweight PE Disposable Gloves offer essential barrier protection for a range of wet and dry handling tasks a simple and effective...
Ex Tax:£34.15
Brand: Supertouch Model: W-GWGG10MM
Our mixed fibre Handler Gloves are a popular choice for a range of handling tasks. The latex palm gives fantastic grip whilst the soft knitted fabric & uncoated back allows the hand to breathe, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.Conforms to EN 388 levels 2-1-2-1Mixed fibre gloveLatex pal..
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Brand: Supertouch Model: W-GMGLMM
Our Household Latex Gloves are a classic, staple product. Available in a range of colours, these versatile and distinctive gloves can be used for both industrial and household cleaning tasks.Conforms to EN 388 levels 1-0-0-0Medium weightBeaded cuffTextured grip palmFlock linedCE - European conformit..
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Brand: Portwest Model: W-GKSC10MM
Heavy duty Nitrile coated glove with cotton jersey knitted liner. Provides good dry grip and gives resistance to abrasion, cuts, punctures, grease and oil. Fully coated safety cuff style. Size 10..
Ex Tax:£1.79
Brand: Warrior Model: W-GWB9MM
Our Nitrotouch® Gloves offer fantastic durability and comfort, which is ideal for a host of tough handling tasks including warehousing and construction activities.Conforms to EN 388 levels 4-1-2-2FeaturesNitrile palm dipHigh dexterityEnhanced abrasion resistanceElasticated knitted cuffWashableApplic..
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Brand: Portwest Model: A689
14 inch (35cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve. Tubular sleeve offering level 5 cut resistance as well as heat protection. A maximum cut level 5 protective tubular, 35cm sleeve protecting the wrist and arm area from cuts and heat. Featuring a thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable and sold singly, these s..
Ex Tax:£2.72
Brand: Portwest Model: A690
18 "(45cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve. Maximum cut level 5 protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm area. Thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable. Sold singly. Cut Level 5 Sleeves..
Ex Tax:£3.52
Brand: Portwest Model: A691
22 " (56cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve. All the same features and benefits as A690 but in a longer 22\ version. Sold singlely. Contact Heat 100C >15 seconds..
Ex Tax:£3.84
Brand: Portwest Model: A245
Antarctica Insulatex Glove. Premium quality cow grain leather knitwrist glove with Insulatex™ lining for enhanced warmth. Suitable for coldstore applications. Coldstore Gloves..
Ex Tax:£6.32
Brand: Portwest Model: A790
Anti Vibration Glove. Specially designed to reduce the effects of impact and vibration. Excellent levels of comfort and dexterity when using powertools jack hammers concrete breakers etc. Buildtex High Performance Mechanics Gloves..
Ex Tax:£14.40
Brand: Portwest Model: A198
Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove. The same benefits and features of the A199 but in a fingertip dipped version for precision applications...
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