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Superclean Traffic Film Remover 25 litres

High foaming formula for extended contact times. Concentrated traffic film remover for use throug..

£36.54 Ex Tax: £30.45

3 in 1 Used Car Polish 5 litres

Restores lustre and colour to old and faded bodywork. Removes oxidised and weathered surfaces plus p..

£22.98 Ex Tax: £19.15

Blitz Concentrated Acid Cleaner 5 litres

Ideal for cleaning brake dust and badly stained wheels.Contains special inhibitors to minimise ..

£8.28 Ex Tax: £6.90

Car Shampoo (manual) High Performance 5 litres

Detergent specially formulated for washing vehicles by hand or automatic car washes. Highly Effectiv..

£8.16 Ex Tax: £6.80

Fabric and Seat Upholstery Cleaner H.D. 5 litres

Heavy duty formula for ingrained dirt low foam, ideal for extraction machine use.Reodourises as it c..

£12.96 Ex Tax: £10.80

Glass and Plastic Cleaner 5 litres

Advanced formula - cuts through dirt and grime. Silicone free - safe to use near body shop . Envir..

£11.70 Ex Tax: £9.75

Multi-Purpose Fabric Foam Upholstery Cleaner 480ml Tin

A high performance fast action multi-purpose foam cleaner suitable for a wide range of application. ..

£4.20 Ex Tax: £3.50

Pearl Concentrated Car Shampoo 5 litres

Modern advanced car shampoo formulation.Deposits cationic film to protect paint and repel wate..

£11.58 Ex Tax: £9.65

Screenwash Concentrated 5 litres

Removes dirt, grime and insect deposits Help prevent screenwash freezing Concentrated S..

£6.90 Ex Tax: £5.75

Super Sheen Tyre and Trim Dressing 5 litres

Solvent-based formula gives touch-dry finish in minutes Water repellent finish even under extreme ..

£25.80 Ex Tax: £21.50

Tar and Glue Remover 5 litres

Removes tar and glue from all hard, solvent-resistant surfaces Safe to use on metals Ideal for the r..

£22.32 Ex Tax: £18.60

CarPlan De Icer 300ml Aerosol

CarPlan De Icers powerful formula melts ice quickly and effectively from car windows even at low tem..

£1.92 Ex Tax: £1.60

CarPlan De Icer 500ml Trigger Spray

CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer is a quality de-icer designed to melt ice fast on vehicle windscreens leav..

£2.82 Ex Tax: £2.35

New Trim Lemon Dashboard Renovator 500ml

Dashboard and Vinyl trim renovator restores that 'New Look' appearance to all interior trim. Also ac..

£5.64 Ex Tax: £4.70

Tangerine Trim Dashboard Renovator 500ml

Air conditioning vinyl renovator Renovates - gives a high gloss instant shine. Reodorises - unique a..

£5.64 Ex Tax: £4.70