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We have a few different types of industrial work knives.

From the blades on there own to the whole safety cutter we are sure to have what your looking for.

Feel free to contact our staff for more details and help with your enquirers 

Brand: Portwest Model: kn20
Pro Safety Cutter. Made from zinc alloy for toughness and durability the Pro Safety Cutter is suitable for both right and left handed users. With a top blade control slider and an automatic blade retract system this knife has been designed to ensure your safety. Auto Retracting Blade..
Ex Tax:£6.90
Brand: Portwest Model: KN90
Replacement Blades (10). Fits the KN10 and KN20 knives. This blade constructed from carbon steel has unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention to ensure perfect cutting every time. Each blade features two cutting edges...
Ex Tax:£2.55
Brand: Portwest Model: KN91
Replacement Blades for KN40 Cutter (10). This blade is constructed from carbon steel. Each blade features two cutting edges...
Ex Tax:£2.40
Brand: Portwest Model: KN40
Retractable Safety Cutter. The latest super safety cutter featuring a blade that retracts when it loses contact with material being cut. Primarily for use in warehousing distribution or construction environments where knives are often used and safety is a priority. Pack contains 10 replacement blade..
Ex Tax:£12.25
Brand: Portwest Model: KN10
Ultra Safety Cutter. Cleverly designed using zinc alloy with your safety in mind this knife for right-handed people has a spring-loaded blade retract system that responds to any uncontrolled hand movement. With an easy blade change this knife is a great all-rounder. Auto Retracting Blade..
Ex Tax:£5.25
Brand: Portwest Model: KN50
This innovative knife features a super sharp concealed blade for maximum safety. Ideal for cutting plastic strapping film or card. Also features a thumbnail for slitting parcel tape without causing damage to the package..Concealed cutting edge.Super sharp carbon steel rotary blade.Easily cuts throug..
Ex Tax:£73.91
Brand: Portwest Model: KN30
This lightweight utility knife offers an aluminium handle and a belt clip for added mobility. It features a quick-change blade mechanism saving time in demanding work conditions. Its one hand easy opening makes it convenient to use. Includes 5 blade replacements for added value..New style.Retail tag..
Ex Tax:£9.13
Brand: Portwest Model: KN93
The Replacement blades for the KN18 have 8 cutting points. Sold in packs of 10 and are a generic size of 100mm x 18mm suiting most other designs..New style.Retail tag..
Ex Tax:£1.65
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