We have a few different types of industrial work knives.

From the blades on there own to the whole safety cutter we are sure to have what your looking for.

Feel free to contact our staff for more details and help with your enquirers 

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Portwest Pro Safety Cutter

Pro Safety Cutter. Made from zinc alloy for toughness and durability the Pro Safety Cutter is suitab..

£5.58 Ex Tax: £4.65

Portwest Replacement Blades (10)

Replacement Blades (10). Fits the KN10 and KN20 knives. This blade constructed from carbon steel ha..

£1.27 Ex Tax: £1.06

Portwest Replacement Blades for KN40 Cutter (10)

Replacement Blades for KN40 Cutter (10). This blade is constructed from carbon steel. Each blade fea..

£1.38 Ex Tax: £1.15

Portwest Retractable Safety Cutter

Retractable Safety Cutter. The latest super safety cutter featuring a blade that retracts when it lo..

£8.35 Ex Tax: £6.96

Portwest Ultra Safety Cutter

Ultra Safety Cutter. Cleverly designed using zinc alloy with your safety in mind this knife for righ..

£2.78 Ex Tax: £2.32