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Window Cleaning

We have a very large range of window cleaning equipment that we are sure you will find what your looking for.

From things such as trigger spray bottles to Laderm8rix that will hold a ladder firmly in place to prevent slipping on a wide range of surfaces

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Brand: Unger Model: WC-CB14UN
Professional quality solid brass squeegee channels for Golden Clip and GoldenPRO squeegees.Size:10 "/25cm. Unger Part No. GC250..
Ex Tax:£8.84
Brand: Unger Model: WC-BBUN
Keep tools accessible at your side. Available in two versions: The Classic version holds 1 squeegee, strip washer and scraper. For right handed use only. Both versions come with a sturdy quick release strap for easy removal from belt and hold 0.5 " quart of cleaning liquid. B..
Ex Tax:£24.68
Brand: Unger Model: WC-CS14UN
Lightweight, stainless steel channel has a notched system that securely holds squeegee rubber and channel preventing slipping side to side, wobbling or bending. Fits ErgoTec, PRO Stainless Steel or Golden PRO Brass squeegee handles. Includes Unger soft rubber blade.Size:10 "/25cm. Unger Part No. NE2..
Ex Tax:£5.10
Brand: Unger Model: WC-SQR14B25UN
Professional quality replacement rubber.Choice of Soft or Hard. Highly durable and efficient. Sharp edges enable thorough wiping for superior finish. Soft Rubber Ideal for colder temperatures. Adjusts better to uneven surfaces. Hard Rubber Ideal for warmer temperatures. Ideal for large, smooth su..
Ex Tax:£2.76
Brand: Unger Model: 101618
A high quality replacement rubber blade for the Silverbrand, Technolite and Goldenbrand squeegee. Available as a 90cm strip or cut to size...
Ex Tax:£5.46
Brand: Unger Model: WC-SQR36UN
A high quality replacement rubber blade for the Silverbrand, Technolite and Goldenbrand squeegee. Available as a 90cm strip or cut to size...
Ex Tax:£5.46
Brand: Robert Scott Model: WC-TP32CN
Three section pole 3 x 2.0 metre 25mm diameter Aluminium..
Ex Tax:£56.04
Brand: Robert Scott Model: WC-TP22CN
Durable yet lightweight aluminium pole with non-slip twist locks and ergonomic handle for secure grip. Grooved locking cone at the top of the Pole features robust safety bolt, designed to provide secure hold of Unger tools and prevent twisting whilst in use just push the release button to remove ..
Ex Tax:£36.18
Brand: Robert Scott Model: WC-WSW14UN
Practical everyday wash sleeves, plush woven synthetic pile offering high water absorbency for fast dirt removal. Machine washable and lint-free for top class window wash results every time...
Ex Tax:£5.90
Microglass Microfibre Cloth Large Microglass Microfibre Cloth Large
-34 %
Brand: Robert Scott Model: 101221
A professional quality microfibre cloth designed as an alternative to chamois or scrim for smear-free cleaning of glass and stainless-steel surfaces.Cloth TypeMicrofibreWeight170gSize76x70cmPack Sizesingle..
£4.20 £6.37
Ex Tax:£3.50
Brand: Robert Scott Model: WC-TB14UN
Lightweight 35cm plastic handle for use with window wash sleeves, with cross hatch head structure to help hold water and apply the right amount to the surface.Also available in 20, 35, 45 and 55cm head widths for easy washing of all window sizes.To be used with our wash sleeves (sold separately)...
Ex Tax:£4.97
Brand: Colbrook Model: J-TSCO
A 750ml spray bottle with graduation marks for the accurate dilution of fluids, along with a range of colour coded trigger heads which are available in six colours including white and green/yellow.Also available in an ergonomic 600ml (922) style...
Ex Tax:£2.10
Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper SR03K
-27 %
Brand: Unger Model: WC-SHGUN
Ergonomic scraper with safety mechanism. Spare blades: SRB10, SRB20, SRBDB.Sturdy and durable. Made of metal and rubber grip. Retractable blade for safety..
£3.59 £4.93
Ex Tax:£2.99
Brand: Robert Scott Model: 101570
A three-compartment waterproof pouch, which is an ideal time-saving way to keep cloths, tools, and sundries right at hand when they are needed.No.101570Commodity Code3926909790Weight173gSize52x36cm..
Ex Tax:£12.01
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