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Eye Protection

Brand: Warrior Model: W-CSMM
Clear plastic coverspecs conforms to EN166 Can be worn over spectacles Packed in cartons of 12 ...
Ex Tax:£2.25
Brand: Portwest Model: PW37
Bold Pro Spectacle. Our Bold Pro Spectacle has been developed to combine safety and style. Complemented with treated lens for anti-scratch and anti-fog coating this spectacle is fitted with soft rubber nose bridge and arm grips in various colours...
Ex Tax:£5.10
Brand: Portwest Model: PW91
Browguard with Clear Visor. PC visor with PP browguard is made from impact resistant polypropylene. The wheel ratchet adjustment system is designed for easy use. Compatible with Replacement Visor PW92. Compatible with Replacement Visor PW92...
Ex Tax:£14.63
Brand: Portwest Model: PW93
Browguard with Mesh Visor. Mesh visor with PP browguard is suitable for protection against large high-speed particles. The ratchet adjustment system is designed for easy use. Compatible with Replacement Visor PW94. Protects against high-speed particles..
Ex Tax:£13.25
Brand: Portwest Model: PW22
Wide panoramic UV protective lens treated with anti scratch and anti fog coating, for long-lasting performance. The special shape of the lens allow it to be worn with prescription glasses and disposable dust masks. Improved design with a larger elastic band for optimized comfort. Indirect ventilatio..
Ex Tax:£7.35
Brand: Portwest Model: PW33
Classic Safety Eye Screen. Constructed using a single panoramic polycarbonate lens with moulded sideshields and browguard. This product also features adjustable arms moulded nose bridge and contoured browguard. Moulded sideshields and browguard with adjustable temple length...
Ex Tax:£3.42
Brand: Portwest Model: PW31
Contoured Safety Spectacle. An ultra light polycarbonate spectacle moulds in to the facial features providing brow protection and cheek guard. Fully adjustable temple length and a five point temple ratchet. Fully adjustable temple length and a five point temple ratchet...
Ex Tax:£3.75
Brand: Portwest Model: PW17
Curvo Spectacle. 9 Base lens with adjustable temple length and inclination. Adjustable temple length..
Ex Tax:£3.75
Brand: Portwest Model: PW20
Direct Vent Goggle. Designed to be worn in a tough work environment this goggle provides protection from extreme impact (up to 268mph). The PW20 is attributed with a supersoft polycarbonate frame housing a crystal clear lens complying with EN166 3B. Direct vent goggle which restricts the influx of l..
Ex Tax:£2.40
Brand: Portwest Model: PW15
Fossa Spectacle. This safety spectacle provides the wide wraparound coverage required for full protection. Stylish rubber tip temples and a mono-lens make it possible to fit these glasses to variety of face types. New design mono-lens for one sizes fits all...
Ex Tax:£3.60
Brand: Portwest Model: PW60
Gas Welding Goggle. Using oxyacetylene for gas cutting or welding the PW60 offers high performance with a shade factor 5. A soft comfort frame with flip up lens allows the goggle to be used for grinding operations. AS: Anti scratch coating..
Ex Tax:£7.05
Brand: Portwest Model: PW21
Indirect Vent Goggle. This chemical splash goggle features vent caps to restrict the influx of liquids and dust. The tough polycarbonate lens protects against impacts up to 268 mph. The soft flexible frame and adjustable head band provide comfort and flexibility complying to EN166 1B. Indirect Vent..
Ex Tax:£3.30
Brand: Portwest Model: PA02
Lens Cleaning Station. Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs. Tissues are low-lint and non-abrasive. Good for use on plastic glass and polycarbonate lenses. 8oz Anti-fog Anti-Static Solution and 600 tissues per box..
Ex Tax:£16.00
Brand: Portwest Model: PA01
Lens Cleaning Towelettes. Towelette Dispenser comes completely assembled and ready for use. Dispenser holds 100 - 5.75 x8 individually packaged lens cleaning towelettes...
Ex Tax:£13.25
Brand: Portwest Model: PW11
Levo Spectacle. The Levo spectacle is a hybrid of safety glass and goggle. This concept offers the comfort of a safety spectacle with the fit and seal of a goggle. The interchangeable foam seal gives added brow and cheek protection. The spectacle can be interchanged with a head adjustable strap or s..
Ex Tax:£7.75
Brand: Portwest Model: PW39
Lucent Spectacle. Expertly designed lightweight spectacle with outstanding optical quality. The one-piece curved lens offers unobstructed vision and the comfortable nose bridge allows for extended use. Wrap-around lens with side shield temple and rubber ends...
Ex Tax:£2.40
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