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Fall Protection

Brand: Portwest Model: FP30
Carabiner. Steel oval carabiner with screw lock length: 106mm opening: 15mm. Breaking load: 25kN. Max Load 10kN..
Ex Tax:£3.28
Brand: Portwest Model: FP25
Double End lanyard. The double end lanyard has two 180cm elastic rubber ropes inside a nylon sleeve with a tear open energy absorber two scaffold hooks and one carabiner. the best in fall arrest..
Ex Tax:£37.84
Brand: Portwest Model: FP15
Fall Protection Harness. This full body harness with breathable contoured backpad has quick release connectors making it very easy to put on. Features an extended D-Ring shoulder strap arrangement for easy dorsal fittings and two side D-rings. Fall Arrest Protection..
Ex Tax:£39.12
Brand: Portwest Model: FP10
Full Body Harness. Ergonomic lightweight basic harness with a sliding dorsal D-Ring. Features two chest D-Rings and flat bar buckles that are easy to use and fail safe. Constructed using nylon webbing straps. The chest and leg adjusters offer excellent fit and user comfort. Fall Arrest Protection..
Ex Tax:£30.16
Brand: Portwest Model: FP41
Rope Fall Arrest Block. The fall arrest block comprises of a retractable lifeline made of wire rope which is stored on a reel within a protective housing. The reel is spring-biased to wind the retractable lifeline in. The reel incorporates an inertia brake mechanism which allows the lifeline to be s..
Ex Tax:£254.56
Brand: Portwest Model: FP35
Scaffold Hook. Steel forged scaffold hook length 235mm opening: 60mm. Breaking load exceeds 23kN. Max Load 10kN..
Ex Tax:£15.84
Brand: Portwest Model: FP31
Self Lock Carabiner. D carabiner with quarter turn lock Length: 123mm opening: 27mm. Breaking load: 35kN. the best in fall arrest..
Ex Tax:£8.48
Brand: Portwest Model: FP48
Self Retract Lifeline. 2 metre retractable webbing lifeline including two standard carabiners and shock absorber. Quick-action brake system that arrests the fall within centimetres. Max Load 15kN..
Ex Tax:£93.84
Brand: Portwest Model: FP23
Single Lanyard With Shock Absorber. This lanyard is made from 180 cm elastic rubber rope inside a nylon sleeve with one tear open energy absorber carabiner and a scaffold hook. the best in fall arrest..
Ex Tax:£26.00
Brand: Portwest Model: FP40
Web Fall Arrest Block. Constructed using durable nylon webbing 3.3m long with snap hook and steel carabiner. Performs heavy duty tasks in narrow spaces. The best in fall arrest..
Ex Tax:£108.56
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