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Defector PD Cut Resistant Gloves
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Brand: Supertouch Model: W-GACMM
Our Deflector PD (Formerly Deflector 5X) gloves provide fantastic Cut 5 protection making them the perfect choice for a huge range of handling tasks. These light, flexible gloves offer exceptional comfort whilst protecting you from a host of hazards.Polyurethane palm coatLight and flexible..
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Brand: Portwest Model: A689
14 inch (35cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve. Tubular sleeve offering level 5 cut resistance as well as heat protection. A maximum cut level 5 protective tubular, 35cm sleeve protecting the wrist and arm area from cuts and heat. Featuring a thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable and sold singly, these s..
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Brand: Portwest Model: A690
18 "(45cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve. Maximum cut level 5 protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm area. Thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable. Sold singly. Cut Level 5 Sleeves..
Ex Tax:£3.52
Brand: Portwest Model: A691
22 " (56cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve. All the same features and benefits as A690 but in a longer 22\ version. Sold singlely. Contact Heat 100C >15 seconds..
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Brand: Portwest Model: A610
Cut 3 Latex Grip Glove. Durable liner made from DuPont Kevlar protects against cuts and abrasion. Crinkle latex coating for secure grip in wet and dry conditions...
Ex Tax:£4.88
Brand: Portwest Model: A600
Cut 3 Nitrile Grip Glove. Seamless 10 gauge lining made from DuPont Kevlar with Nitrile palm coating guarantees enhanced cut resistance and excellent grip. Ideal for handling glass metal or other sharp oily objects...
Ex Tax:£4.80
Brand: Portwest Model: A620
Cut 3 PU Palm Glove. Combining cut resistance comfort dexterity and grip in a seamless PU palm dipped liner. Cut Resistant Gloves and Sleeves..
Ex Tax:£2.24
Brand: Portwest Model: A621
Cut 5 3/4 Nitrile Foam Glove. Supreme cut resistance combined with superb grip in oily conditions. 3/4 nitrile foam dipping absorbs oil keeping hands clean and dry to ensure secure handling. 3/4 Dipped Cut Resistance..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Portwest Model: A622
Cut 5 PU Palm Glove. Level 5 cut resistant glove for maximum protection against cuts and sharp objects. Seamless liner for added comfort and dexterity. 13g..
Ex Tax:£4.10
Brand: Portwest Model: A630
Razor - Lite 5 Glove. Cut resistant level 5 glove with reinforced leather palm for enhanced grip and abrasion and to prolong glove life. Ideal for glass handling. 13g..
Ex Tax:£6.08
Brand: Portwest Model: A655
Sabre - Lite 5 Glove. Combining maximum cut level 5 resistance with the ultimate in dexterity and comfort when working with sharp knives. Ambidextrous and machine washable at 60C. Sold singly. Added safety feature - long cuff..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Portwest Model: A625
Vis-Tex5 Cut Resistant Glove. Cut resistant level 5 glove with PU dipping for high abrasion resistance. Flexible hivis lining for optimum protection and comfort. 13g..
Ex Tax:£3.44
Brand: Portwest Model: A643
A level B cut resistant liner for low risk cut protection and nitrile foam dipping for enhanced grip. Bright orange liner provides easy identification..CE certified.Knitting gauge 13.Food processing.Retail bag.Palm dipped.100% breathable seamless liner.Amber for low risk cut protection.Nitrile foam..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Brand: Portwest Model: A722
Combining comfort grip impact and cut resistance in a comfortable seamless liner. Flexible PVC impact pods and reinforced crotch for maximum durability. Suitable for heavy duty applications..CE certified.Knitting gauge 13.Retail tag.Palm dipped.TPR pod technology.Hook and loop strap.100% breathable ..
Ex Tax:£10.80
Brand: Portwest Model: AP50
The fully coated Aqua Cut Pro glove offers level D cut resistance. The first coat is a smooth nitrile and the second coat is foam nitrile providing a secure grip and a barrier against contaminants. Elastic wrist cuff provides a secure fit..CE certified.Sandy finish.Retail tag.Cut and abrasion resist..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Brand: Portwest Model: A611
The preferred glove for use in the glass industry. The durable aramid liner offers excellent abrasion resistance and EN388:2016 cut level D protection. The crinkle latex coating gives strong secure grip in wet and dry conditions. 250°C contact heat protection..CE certified.Knitting gauge 10.Retail ..
Ex Tax:£4.90
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