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Ramon Hygiene

Brand: Ramon Hygiene Model: B-PB18BHB
Wooden platform stock Filled with Pure Bahia Bass Trimmed at 102mm. Complete with 29mm handle and brush stay..
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Brand: Ramon Hygiene Model: B-PB18CHB
Wooden platform stock. Filled with soft black Coco fibre Ideal for smooth dry surfaces. Trimmed at 89mm. Complete with 29mm handle and brush stay..
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Brand: Ramon Hygiene Model: J-MFCBPC
6 Ramon microfibre cloths in assorted colours, Blue, Pink and Yellow. Perfect for use around the home or to clean your car. Removes grease, dust and dirt with ease. Cleans glass and mirrors to smear free shine. No need for chemicals, Cleans using just water and can be used both wet or dry but for be..
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Brand: Ramon Hygiene Model: J-PW200
Anti-bacterial Wipes Combats a Wide Range of Bacteria and is Odourless and Will Not Taint Food Small 13 x 13cm Wipe Primarily Used for Cleaning Thermometer Probes Wall Bracket is available (see code WB200) Allows Easy Access in Kitche..
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Reinforced ‘V’ Sweeper Handles & Frame
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Brand: Ramon Hygiene Model: KIT00045
Reinforced ‘V’ Sweeper Handles & Frame‘V’ sweeper frame used for dry dusting large areas such as factory floors, airports, shopping centres etc...
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Ex Tax:£32.99
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