Can you be 100% confident that the High Visibility apparel you buy meets EN ISO 20471?
Do you want to be responsible for supplying non-conforming product?
Portwest regularly test samples from the market.
Here are the 6 most common problems we encounter:

1. Problem: The fluorescent material does not meet the correct colour standard.

Solution: At Portwest, every roll of fabric is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements for colour. A spectrophotometer is used to measure the chromaticity – “colour intensity” of the fabric.

2. Problem: Retro-reflective tape does not meet the minimum requirement 330 cd/lux.

Solution: At Portwest, every roll of tape is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements. A retroflectometer is used to measure the coefficient of two rotating angles. EN ISO 20471 states the reading should not be below 330 (cd/lx.m2) however at Portwest we insist on a reading of 400 (cd/lx.m2) plus.

3. Problem: The garment size is too small and does not have enough fluorescent material or reflective tape to meet the standard.

Solution: At Portwest, all our products are generously sized and designed with the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements in mind to ensure full compliance.

4. Problem: The garment label does not have the correct information displayed.

Solution: All Portwest garment labels have the correct information displayed in accordance with EN ISO 20471 and ISO 13688 standard requirements.

5. Problem: The garment does not have a user information document accompanying the product. This is a mandatory requirement.


Solution: At Portwest, all garments certified to EN ISO 20471 carry a user information document.

6. Problem: The garment does not display the notified body number so a customer cannot contact the test house where the garment was certified.


Solution: All Portwest garments feature a notified body number on the user information document so a customer can contact the Independent Notified Body directly. In addition, all garments have downloadable certificates online on our B2B portals.
Under the new PPE Regulation, it is the legal obligation of the distributor to ensure that the PPE supplied fully complies.
The cornerstone of Portwest’s success is our stringent quality control. Be 100% confident that the product you are buying is fully certified, BUY PORTWEST!

Portwest have over 176 styles certified to EN ISO 20471