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Brand: Poppies Model: P-BN242JK
Black Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2-ply Case of 2400..
Ex Tax:£31.50
Brand: Poppies Model: P-BN332PE
Black Cocktail Napkins 33cm 2-ply Case of 2000..
Ex Tax:£36.30
Brand: Poppies Model: 1024028BK
Black Cocktail Napkins 40cm 2ply Case of 2000..
Ex Tax:£49.65
Brand: Poppies Model: P-WN242JK
White Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2-ply Case of 2400 Packed in 40 packs of 100 napkins Made from a soft 2 ply tissue Size is 24cm x 24cm square 30 cases per pallet (call for pallet price)..
Ex Tax:£31.50
Brand: Poppies Model: P-WN402FB
White Dinner Napkins 40cm 2-ply (2000) Soft white napkins 40cm x 40cm square folded 4 times Packed in 20 packs of 100 napkins 2 Ply thickness..
Ex Tax:£30.00
Airlaid  Bulky Soft Napkins 1/4 Fold, 40 cm x 40 cm, Off White (Pack of 500)
-36 %
Brand: Poppies Model: 32116
Tear-resistant.Fabric-like.Without embossing.Brand Name Bulky SoftColour whiteEan , 8018426321168Global Trade Identification Number 08018426001879Model Number BS-32116..
£28.20 £43.86
Ex Tax:£23.50
Brand: Poppies Model: 1034038BM
Buttermilk Napkins 40cm 3Ply 8/Fold (1000)..
Ex Tax:£34.65
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